Motor Rewinding

Motor rewinding, repairing and overhauling

  • ATS facility in Jubail is one of the most modern and equipped state of art infrastructure to repair the mechanical damage on the motor parts
  • Large electrical rotating machines by their very nature are critical to any company's operation and, in addition, represent a substantial capital investment.
  • We at ATS understand the importance of these machines to its customers and provide well-equipped facilities with highly qualified and skilled technical team, for motor rewinds, repairs and overhauling of rotating equipment up to 27000HP.
  • We offer a complete range of services for AC and DC motors including AC & DC traction motors. At ATS, we combine cutting-edge technology with the ability to rebuild every kind of traction motor.
  • The combination of its expertise and comprehensive facilities enables the Motors Division at ATS to handle all aspects of a repair including on-site as well as in the workshop, whilst meeting tight delivery deadlines, cost criteria and quality.
  • Furthermore, we provide a 24/7 assistance to our privileged customers for any crucial and emergency requirements for silo related services.
  • ATS manufactures all kinds of coils like diamond shape, concentric and Rotor Pole coils up 27,000HP ratings.

Motors repair, rewinding and overhauling for 380V up to 13.8kV, horse power ratings from 0.5HP up to 27000HP
ATS is the only facility in Mena & Asia to be approved by Aramco for repairing 27000 HP motors.
ATS becomes the only company in Saudi Arabia certified to repair Flame Proof Motors

Overhauling & Repair Services

  • 1 - Rewinding, Repairing and Overhauling of:
    • a) MV and HV AC Induction motors includes squirrel cage, slip ring, synchronous induction motors
    • b) AC & DC motors
    • c) DC motors including traction, field coils and armatures
    • d) AC Traction Motors.
    • d) Lifting magnets.
    • d) Traction Blower Fans rewinding and blade replacement.
    • d) High voltage submersible pumps motors.
    • 2 - Replacement old / bend / damaged shaft with new forged shaft or of identical material.
    • 3 - Repairs to worn-out rotor shafts and bearing housings b selective plating as well as weld repair using special welding rod.
    • 4 - Re-babitting of white metal Sleeve and Pad bearings
    • 5 - Re-staggering of stator and rotor core.
    • 6 - Replacement of stator and rotor laminations with identical or upgraded material.
    • 7 - Re-caging of rotor with new EC grade rotor copper bars and new end rings.
    • 8 - Inspection and Replacement of retaining rings of rotors with correct material.
    • 9 - Supply and installation of commutators for DC armatures.
    • 10 - Supply and Installation of new slip-rings.
    • 11 - Supply of carbon brushes and brush holder assemblies.
    • 12 - Supply of all types of rewinding kits including magnetic wedges.
    • 13 - Dynamic balancing as per ISO grade 2.5.
    • 14 - Vibration analysis using latest techniques for motors at site and in house.
    • 15 - Repair of Partial discharge occurring in the winding due to surface insulation deterioration.
    • 16 - Repair of loose magnetic wedges either by replacement or reinforcement with H class high strength epoxy resins and hardener.
    • 17 - Perform Vacuum Pressure Impregnation process of large high voltage machines using latest resin which has high thermal stability & high dielectric strength with Online Capacitance Monitoring Systems.


    Site Services

    • Installation and Commissioning of old and new motors.
    • Alignment services using latest technology Laser alignment equipment.
    • Replacement of spare motor during abnormality in the existing machines.
    • Rigging services where there is no direct access or availability of cranes for installation of motors.
    • Sleeve bearing inspection on site during shutdown.
    • Vibration analysis using latest technology equipment like CSI 2140, OROS, etc.
    • Installation of online monitoring of Partial Discharge equipment.
    • Onsite measurement of Partial measurement, thermography, trouble shooting.
    • Overhauling at site.
    • On site balancing.
    • Dry Ice cleaning of motors at site


    Test Facility

    We have one of the most advanced and sophisticated testing facilities in the Middle East region for Motors.
    Our highly-experienced Engineers and skilled technicians successfully contribute in diagnosing the electrical and mechanical fault in the motors. Motors are tested at no load as per IEC 60034 standards and vibration values are maintained as per IEC 600816 standards. The test plant is capable to test the motors up to 20MW on no load from 1.1KV to 13.8Kv range of motors.
    All the motors under service undergoes crucial incoming inspection for mechanical and electrical test and result analysis.
    Availability of in house high end testing equipment's makes easy assessment of the motors for even small defect in the motor winding.

    Following are the test capabilities available in house and site for electrical offline test for the motors:

    • IR,DAR&PI test
    • Dielectric Discharge test
    • Winding circuit analysis
    • Step voltage test
    • AC/DC high voltage test
    • Polarization and depolarization current analysis
    • Nonlinear behavior of stator winding insulation system
    • Corona probe
    • Contact resistance
    • Rotor bar growler test
    • Winding ohmic resistance
    • High frequency Surge Comparison Test as per IEE 522
    • Offline Partial Discharge Test
    • Tan Delta& capacitance Test
    • ELCID test
    • Full flux Core loss & HOT spot test
    • RSO test for round wound rotor windings
    • Pole balance test
    • Wedge tightness test
    • Dark Room Test
    • Bore scope visual inspection
    • Conformity Test /inspection of Motor's protection components like surge arrester and surge capacitor and CT
    • Conformity Test /inspection of Motor's accessories like temperature sensors, space heaters, level switches protection and rotating semi conductive components

    Following can be done dynamic testing of the motor:

    • No load test up to 27000HP rated all types of Motor viz, Slipring, Squirrel cage, DC motors as well as Synchronous motors with voltage range up to 13.8KV
    • High Current and High Capacity Synchronous machines no load function test using belt drive method
    • On line Balancing for the motors.
    • Shaft electrical run out measurement
    • Shaft vibration measurement Using Bentley Nevada and Meggit
    • Casing vibration measurement and analysis by using Highly advanced instruments
    • Online Partial Discharge test
    • Acoustic emission analysis for rolling element bearings
    • Online Ozone measurements of rotating electrical motors
    • Online motor current signature analysis

    Repair Facility

  • Selective Plating
  • The facility can provide brush/selective plating for the motor shafts as well as bearing housing. This type of reconditioning uses electrical current to plate a desired material from a solution and bond a conductive object with a thin layer of the material, such as Carbon steel and cast iron or Aluminum.

    alfanar Technical Services understands that electrical/ mechanical equipment repair is a critical part of your business's operation. The equipment's related downtime can idle production lines, reduce productivity and throw schedules into disarray. With so much at stake, your equipment has to be provided with quality repair and outstanding customer service. That's why when it comes to mechanical/electrical equipment repairs; industries throughout region choose alfanar Technical Services.

    Proper shaft reconditioning can improve performance while extending the life of your rotating equipment by many years. After disassembly, shafts undergo straightness, sensitive dimension and balance checks as part of our intensive analysis. Our experienced technicians recondition your shaft to like-new condition including Selective Plating.

    Selective Plating

    Selective Plating is a process which uses electrical current to plate a desired material from a solution and bond a conductive object with a thin layer of the material, such as Carbon Steel and Cast Iron or Aluminum. Electroplating is primarily used for depositing a layer of material to bestow a desired property (e.g., abrasion and wear resistance, corrosion protection, aesthetic qualities, etc.) to a surface that otherwise lacks that property. Another application uses electroplating to build up thickness on undersized parts, from excessive machining or damage, etc. Selective Plating allows localized areas or entire items to be plated using a brush arm with plating solution.

    Advantages of Selective Plating

    • Cold process and has no thermal distortion on the base metal
    • Plate to desired tolerance with precise calculation
    • Many (70) different metals to choose, for diff. applications
    • Excellent bonding strength allows grinding, machining, etc.
    • Dense deposits, good for corrosion resistance
    • Fast built up capacity as compared with tank plating
    • Electroplating can be done, on all conductive surfaces
    • Portable equipment makes it possible to repair onsite

    Plating Solutions

  • alfanar can offer 70 different solutions for cleaning, activating, bonding and metal-build-up solutions.
  • Nickel, Chrome, Cobalt, Copper, Tin, Zinc, Babbitt, Cadmium, Gold and Silver and alloys just to mention a few.

  • As per current requirement in Motor Repair and service Industry, following are the main solutions preferred:

    • Nickel for Shaft and Bearing journals
    • Copper for Bearing Housing and heavy dents marks on the shaft bearing or seal journal
    • Babbitt for fine coating of Babbitt bearings refurbishments
  • Rebabbitting of Bearings
  • As a backward integration ATS felt extreme necessary to have rebabbitting facility in-house to meet customer emergencies during major overhaul or repair of small medium and large machines by initiating new process of removal of old babbit and replacing it with new and machining to required sizes.
  • ATS uses procedure that covers re-babbitting of white metal Bearings with TIG and Oxyacetylene Puddle method using ASTMB23 Grade 2, Babbitt wire. The quality of wire is so high that there are negligible chances of pinholes that may occur while performing the process.
  • The Babbit wire is purchased from highly renowned OEM of this metal to have no dilution in the quality of the product as well controlling the cost of the process. The welding machine is of high quality with precise control of current to be set based on the quality of product required by this process depending upon type of bearings.
  • Smart Motor Kit - IIOT 4.0
  • At alfanar, our aim is to implement the industry 4.0 technology of IIOT in industries to monitor electrical machines in real time and continuous to avoid catastrophic failures, avoid unplanned downtime of the equipment, increase productivity and save cost.
  • A SMART Motor Kit™ can convert any standard motor into a SMART Motor™. A SMART Motor™ continously monitors & communicates its own health parameters over the internet. Corrective actions can be taken proactively to avoid premature breakdowns and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). A SMART Motor™ also acts as a pattern learning device and gathers the hidden equipment productivity data. This data can be used to improve the process efficiency and the industrial output.