Success Stories

Saudi Kayan

Large-scale routine preventive maintenance works on 52 Transformers

Saudi Electricity Company

Transport, testing & commissioning of 960 MVA Power Transformer

Confidential Client

120MVA, 115/230KV, Rewinding of the Power Transformer

SEC YanbuGen

Overhauling, repairing, testing & commissioning of generators


Restoration of 120/150MVA, 230kV Class Power Transformer

Petro Rabigh

Maintenance activities on 137 motors and 34 transformers

Major Projects

  • As a pioneer in repairing and rewinding solutions for rotary and static equipment, ATS has successfully completed numerous strategic projects. The repairs including the manufacturing of the parts were carried out as per the international standards, yet considering the clients specific requirements
  • Few of our achievements on the works carried out for various customers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are listed below
  • Few of our achievements on the works carried out for various customers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are listed below:
  • Rewinding of 16000HP Stator for Saudi Aramco

    • alfanar technical services is proud to announce the successful rewinding of 16,000HP, 14,000HP,10,000HP stator rewinds with 13.8KV Voltage class for Saudi Aramco

    Rewinding of 11,000HP cylindrical synchronous rotor for Saudi Aramco

    • alfanar technical services rejoices it’s yet another achievement of being the only facility in the Kingdom that successfully completed the Rotor rewinding of 11,000HP Cylindrical Synchronous Induction Motor for Saudi Aramco. Moreover, the indigenous copper conductors were produced in the well equipped conductor division of the factory.
    • 1. The Problem

    • The Motor located at the Water Injection Plant at Saudi Aramco, tripped due to an internal fault and after dismantling it was observed that the rotor pole windings were flashed inside the rotor slots and rotor core was severely damaged due to the flash which occurred during operation.
    • Due to the significance of the problem Saudi Aramco’s Mechanical Service Shop Department (MSSD), had contemplated to send the rotor outside the Kingdom for rewinding as the facilities that the MSSD had contacted were non-capable of manufacturing in-house coils or rewind such a large capacity Rotor.
    • 2. The Process

    • During this period, alfanar technical services was on the final stages of securing qualification with MSSD for other jobs. After a high level visit to the alfanar technical services facility in Jubail, MSSD during one of its discussions mentioned its problem with a 11000HP motor. After a technical evaluation by the alfanar technical services motor division on the faulty equipment, alfanar technical services management was ready to take the challenging job.
    • The subject was technically discussed at various stages between ARAMCO & alfanar technical services together with Contract Service Department and the end user, Water Injection Plant (GOSP-II). In a matter of few hours the Rotor was on its way to the ATS facility!
    • 3. At the Facility

    • This Rotor Rewinding job of ARAMCO, was the first of its kind for alfanar technical services. It was initially a challenging task due to the Rotor’s complicated designs. During the course of rewinding, the specialized crew faced various challenges to manufacture the precise shape of the rotor pole coils which was successfully overcome by the experience and expertise of alfanar technical services team in reverse engineering.
    • 4. Quality Checks and No Load Test Run

    • Every stage of the coil manufacturing was continuously monitored with stringent quality checks and all the results were within the acceptable limits as per IEC 60034 standards. The indigenous coils were subject to methodical tests like High Voltage and Recurring Oscilloscope test in order to confirm the healthiness of coils which was also witnessed by ARAMCO QA officials.
    • After completion of all standard factory tests, the rewound Rotor was shifted to ARAMCO MSSD facility and carried out complete assembly of motor.
    • Later on Customer performed No Load Test Run and Load Test of the motor and found satisfactory operating performance with all design parameters.
    • The continuous commitment and the determination to overcome challenging jobs successfully, alfanar technical services has once again proved its competency and has sustained in this leadership stature of a reliable service provider for Power, Water & Petrochemical companies in the Kingdom and Middle East.

    25,000HP, 13.8KV motor stator

    • alfanar technical services undertakes complete rehabilitation of large motors which is used to drive from both ends, one side for Expander whereas the other side for Compressors.
    • The subject motor was predominantly having continuous high value Partial Discharge which was detected by ABB as well as alfanar technical services life assessment and forecasted that the motor may have failure within short span of time. The motor was subjected to various special and sophisticated tests to confirm the motor healthiness.
    • On confirmation from the client, the motor was removed from service and is undergoing rewinding for continuous and reliable operation in future.

    Rewinding of Stator and Repair of 10723 HP, 13200Volts for SABIC affiliates

    • alfanar technical services has successfully rewound 8 MW, 13.2KV, 6 Pole Squirrel cage Induction motor with Resin Rich coil manufacturing systems (Original coil design was VPI system).
    • The 8000kw motor was rewound with new RESIN RICH coils manufactured with state-of-the-art technology. The enormous coils were designed and manufactured at the alfanar technical services facility in Jubail.
    • Thorough RCFA report was prepared after proper investigation and analysis with experiments to confirm the reason of the winding failure. During the analysis it was observed the coils design with VPI systems were having unequal coil width to height ratio resulting into heavy PARTIAL DISCHARGE during the motor operation, due to which the motor failed in the very short span of operation. Also, it was observed the coil disposition factor was not proper indicating less wall insulation thickness and more space in the slot. alfanar took this challenged to re-design the coils copper size to meet the RESIN RICH STANDARD and manufacture the coils capable to with stand the HI Voltage stresses statically as well as dynamically.
    • The coils during manufacturing stages were witnessed with all static tests like INSULATION RESISTANCE, COIL RESITANCE, HI POT TEST, SURGE COMPARISON TEST, TAN DELTA AND CAPACITANCE TEST.
    • The results for the above test were claiming towards excellence in the process as well the design.
    • However, the motor run successfully during initial test stage and was having only 1.0mm / sec vibration with no electrical frequencies were recorded.
    • The test for the resin rich coil rewound motor was according to the LEC STANDARD 60034, which are a better option to a VPI technology coils and is verified by MC department of SABIC GLOBAL SYSTEMS.

    Rehabilitation of 1800HP, 4KV, 6pole Induction motor for Marafiq Yanbu

    • alfanar technical services successfully replaced 8 nos. forged shaft of identical 1800HP, 4kV, 6 pole induction motors. The motor will be used to re condition the old Water utility plant to sustain almost double the life of the design.
    • The area of repair for this job is critical in point of Motor repair as any defect in the shaft could result in to huge effect / damage in the plant asset. The Marafiq team approached to alfanar technical services for support in repairing the same.
    • These motors were more than 30 years old and no data, electrical and mechanical, were available for these for the motors.
    • After receipt of motor in work shop, alfanar technical services presented the scope of work with recommendations. A team of Marafiq was deputed for technical discussion on the suggested shaft material depending upon the failure nature. On thorough discussion Marafiq provide the go ahead signal and alfanar technical services was on the job.
    • Within short span of time the drawings were made and forged shaft was fabricated by ATS as per the international standards for design and tolerances.
    • After Balancing the machine was assembled and it successfully passed the No load test.
    • The motors were sent to site and observed at Full Load for 1 month under Marafiq Engineers observations and the results were outstanding.

    Manufacturing / Repair of slip rings for 9500KW / 11500KW ratings of Motor

    • To meet frequent customer enquiries regarding the Slip Ring replacement, alfanar technical services has developed in house facility for rehabilitation and replacement of Slip ring.
    • The Repair process helps customer to gain time for covering up the unexpected shut down to avoid production losses due to slip ring failure.
    • alfanar technical services engineering department prepares the design and drawing for manufacturing the new slip ring as per the exact sample and drawings provided by the client.
    • Once the plant will have normal shutdown the old repaired slip ring can be replaced with new manufactured and reliable operation.

    Transformer Projects Reference:

    200 MVA Repair & Rewinding

    ATS has the distinction of being the only factory in the entire region to repair and rewind 200MVA transformer using in-house manufactured coils.

    125 MVA Rewinding & Repair

    ATS has also the distinction to completely rewind and rewind 200MVA transformer using in-house manufactured coils.

    100 MVA repair & Rewinding

    Complete 3-phase Rewinding 100MVA 132KV/13.8KV, Mitsubishi Make transformer
    One of the biggest transformers rewound with in-house manufactured Winding, Locally in our facility
    The facility completely technically audited by Saudi Electricity Company

    Oil Leakage Site Repair

    PP4 - GT 12
    13.8/33 KV 42MVA

    HV Bushing Replacement

    PP9 - GT 5/6
    13.8/380 KV

    OLTC Inspection & Repair

    SWCC Shoiba

    OLTC Selector and Diverter Inspection & Repair

    SWCC Shoiba
    33.3 MVA

    Transformer Inspection

    SWCC Jeddah
    380KV 80MVA

    Transformer Inspection

    SEC East Transmission East
    Qurrayah 57MVA

    Complete Rewinding Jobs

    SEC Ummal 30 MVA, 72.6kV/13.8 kV
    Rewound with CTC Conductor

    Onsite Winding Replacement

    Alba, Bahrain
    105 MVA

    Generator & Turbine Projects Reference